Last month, we received confirmation that Surgeon Simulator CPR would be heading to Switch this autumn, and now we can finally get our first look at the game.

Taking on the role of Nigel Burke - a would-be surgeon with a less-than-conventional toolkit - players are expected to perform a range of terrifying transplants in the operating theatre, high-pressure procedures in the back of an ambulance, and even anti-gravitational operations in space. The new trailer (which you can check out above) should give you a nice taste of the slimy, body-chopping action.

Described as being "fully revived and feeling better-than-ever", the Switch version will take full advantage of the console’s unique features to create the most immersive version of the game possible. Players will be able to swap from standard to motion controls at any time, simply by popping out one of the Joy-Con, while HD Rumble should go a long way to make the hammers, hatchets, buzzsaws, and laser pens feel like they're really sitting in your hands.

You'll also be able to team up with a second surgeon at any time for some local couch co-op play (or even on the bus, as seen above), and the game includes the additional teeth and eye transplants from the A&E Edition, as well as the highly-classified Alien Autopsy mode, too. It certainly sounds like this could be the ultimate way to enjoy your surgeon-based activities.


Will you be pulling on your best scrubs for some Surgeon Simulator in the coming months? Let us know if you're hyped for this one down below.