Nintendo has shared a new video from the RedCube at Gamescom 2018, giving us an extended look at the upcoming Super Mario Party and introducing a brand new mode in the process.

Things kick off with a more traditional party game on a tropical-themed board. This board is split into four distinct areas - all based on different fruit - and the gameplay on show takes us through several in-game rounds. We get to see some four player mini-games, two-on-two games, and the high-five mechanic which rewards players for performing a high-five after a successful team effort. Adorable.

Perhaps the more interesting section of the video is the brand new mode, however. Starting at the 18:48 mark, we get to have an early look at River Survival, a co-op experience that takes us away from the usual board game setup and plonks players on a moving river.

All players have to work together to row their rubber boat along the river, connecting with balloons along the way to play through co-op mini-games. As you progress, players must choose which intersection to take, aiming to generate enough time through mini-game completion to reach the very end. It certainly looks like a great way to play with friends, and will no doubt act as a nice way to take a break from the main board game action.

Mario Party

Do you like the look of the new mode? Are you thinking of grabbing Super Mario Party when it launches on 5th October? Tell us below.