Remember the super-fancy looking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate limited edition that was revealed shortly after this week's Nintendo Direct? Well, you can now pre-order it directly from the Nintendo UK store.

Containing a copy of the game, a Nintendo GameCube Controller - Super Smash Bros. edition, and a Nintendo GameCube Controller adapter - as well as a gorgeous looking box, we might add - this bundle will no doubt excite the biggest Smash Bros. fans out there, desperately calling to them and their wallets from its distant online store listing. If you're wanting to grab a copy, head to the link below:

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The bundle will set you back £89.99, and a new steelbook case has also been revealed. You can choose to purchase the game and its steelbook separately, without all the extra bits, via think link instead. This option costs £59.99. Also, for anyone wondering, the large roster image on the box has now been updated to reflect the new reveals, too. Lovely!


Will you be ordering any of these? Let us know with a comment down below.