Telltale Games has announced that all three of its major The Walking Dead seasons released on other platforms will arrive on Switch this year. That includes The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

When The Walking Dead: The Final Season was announced for Switch - the first episode of which has just launched on the eShop in the US - we thought that it would be a great idea for Telltale to publish its previous seasons on the system as well. Luckily, the studio has clearly heard our prayers (or just decided to do this anyway, most likely) as almost the entire collection of The Walking Dead games will soon be available for Switch players to experience.

The Complete First Season includes all five original episodes, as well as the add-on anthology 400 Days. Both have been ported from last year's The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection, which offered substantial visual and performance enhancements over the previous, initial releases. Those upgrades will now carry over to Switch.

The full season, including all five episodes and the add-on pack, will be available to download from the Nintendo Switch eShop from 28th August for $24.99. European pricing is still to be confirmed.

The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will both come to Switch later this year, meaning Switch fans will have access to the complete collection apart from the 2016 mini-series, Michonne.

Have you played through The Walking Dead on other platforms? Will you be experiencing this collection for the first time on Switch? Let us know with a comment below.