Splatoon 2

The world of Splatoon has a very youthful look about it, and that’s not just because it’s a fresh IP. In a brand new Nintendo published interview translated by Nintendo Everything, Hisashi Nogami once again touched on the culture within Splatoon 2 following the release of the Octo Expansion.  

Nogami said conceptually Splatoon’s Turf Battles were approached as an extreme sport - much like BMX - or any other sport that has an element of danger:

Take snowboarding, for example. Even at the Olympics they blast music during the events and the competitors are sort of performing for the crowd, right? That’s what the Turf War battles are like. That’s why the music is so loud and youthful. It’s like all these different genres of music are all mixed together, and the only thing that ties it together is that that’s the kind of music that happens to be popular with the youth in the world at that time.

Nogami reinforced how important the in-game culture was during development and how it was a reflection of changing trends in the real world. This was derived from thoughts about what it would be like for teenagers in the current world, and then also linked to their personal interests including music, sports, and activities they might enjoy. Nogami even noted how the inspiration was drawn from the earlier years of staff members.

In the same interview, the game's producer chuckled at the idea jellyfish may be rulers and explained why Octolings were hurt by water:

The concept behind these creatures is that they evolved to be able to transform, and at one point in that evolutionary process they lost the ability to live in the water. The Octolings evolved in the same way that the Inklingsdid, like their skin is a little too thin for the water now – that’s why they can transform – but just like the Inklings they can’t swim in water anymore.

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[source nintendoeverything.com]