SNES Controller
Image: Vanamo Media / Evan Amos

If you think back to the glory days of the Super Nintendo, you might recall how there were two versions of the system available. Even now, the unique controllers are still used to debate which one is the best.

A recent post on Reddit has brought attention to the fact SNES controllers include assembly instructions on the inside of the case. As can be seen in the photo below, there’s the purple and lavender colour for the North American line and the trademark blue, red, yellow and green markers for the Super Famicom and PAL iteration. These markings also suggest the same case was used for both versions of the controller.

Reddit SNES Controller
Image: Reddit

While the original and more colourful Super Famicom version of the controller is arguably the favourite, as US Gamer notes, the North American release featured concave X and Y buttons.

Have you ever looked inside your SNES controller? Which controller do you prefer? Tell us below.