The special Nintendo mobile direct for Dragalia Lost co-developed by Cygames has just concluded.

Following yesterday's reveal the mobile service would launch on 27th September in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau, all that was left to do during the live stream was discuss the content within the game.

In brief, it's a free-to-start action RPG set in a fantasy universe filled with warriors, magic and dragons. It's designed specifically for smartphones with intuitive touchscreen controls. Players will be able to team up online with three others in co-op story quests, events and raid battles.

Here's the rundown, direct from the PR:

In Dragalia Lost, players build a customized party of adventurers and set off on a grand journey – one that will take them to a variety of locales to save the Kingdom of Alberia from mysterious evil forces that are corrupting the realm. While exploring the world, players control their party of adventurers in battle, even transforming into mighty dragons to unleash devastating attacks. Along the way, players can discover more than 60 companions for their party that offer a variety of different weapon classes, combat abilities and elemental properties.

Battles are performed in real time to keep players in the action, dragging their fingers on the screen to move their characters, tapping or holding to engage with various attacks and flicking along the screen to dodge. It’s all very intuitive and easy to pick up for any type of player. And by using the in-game currency Diamantium or Wyrmite, players can summon new characters, dragons or special accessories called Wyrmprints that can be equipped for powerful abilities or bonuses. Wyrmite is earned in the game as a reward for completing quests, while Diamantium can be purchased using real-world money.

Dragalia Lost is all about letting players play how they want. Party members can be customized in all sorts of ways, whether it’s through new equipment or leveling up and earning new or upgraded abilities. Dragalia Lost even offers synchronous online multiplayer with up to three other people who have the game, so friends can share the experience throughout the game’s main story adventure, additional quests and event raids.

To pre-register for the game visit the official website where you can sign up with your Nintendo Network ID or register your email address on the App Store or Google Play. If you pre-register now, you'll receive up to 1,500 Wyrmite (in-game currency), if more than 500,000 users sign up.

Would a multiplayer co-op mobile game like Dragalia Lost interest you? How do you feel about this game now that we've got the full briefing? Tell us below.

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