Ikaruga IMG

Nicalis has made a name for itself in recent times publishing an array of physical titles on the Switch and also handling the release of Treasure's sublime shmup Ikaruga on the eShop. 

Teasing its attendance at PAX West 2018, the American publisher recently tweeted a photo of a gigantic game case with Ikaruga plastered over the front of it. In actuality, the "case" itself appears to be the border aesthetic for an Ikaruga demo unit - with the screen in the middle running the game. Take a look below:

Still, this tweet has sent many Ikaruga fans wild and now has many of them questioning if Nicalis will release a physical Switch version of the popular shooter originally launched in Japanese arcades. 

What do you think, is this a subtle but rather blatant tease of what's to come? Have you purchased Ikaruga on the eShop yet? Are you holding out for a physical release? Tell us below. 

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