If you happen to be ancient enough to remember Konami's 1984 Hyper Sports arcade game, you may well be pumped for Hyper Sports R coming to the Switch which, as we revealed some time ago, will be a Switch exclusive.

In this new sports simulation title, you'll get to compete in a variety of individual and team sports, and train a team to take on rivals as you race for a spot at the top.

Players can choose from a variety of 20+ characters to build up and compete. The aim is to become the best competitor in a variety of different sports, which include track and field, beach volleyball and swimming.

While we wait for an official trailer for this upcoming game, here are a whole bunch of screenshots which Konami has shared with us today:

Hyper Sports R will feature several modes including 'Quick Play' where you can play with up to four friends for a quick gameplay experience. There is also a single-player campaign mode in which you get to build and train a team by completing various competitions and character storylines.

Of course, the game also makes good use of Joy-Con motion controls as you might expect. Konami will be revealing the launch date soon, along with more details on all of the sports which are included.

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