In the midst of E3 last week, Konami revealed Hyper Sports R for Nintendo Switch, resurrecting the classic series for a modern spin on Nintendo's latest hardware.

The game is actually coming exclusively to the console, and Konami's brand and media manager Benjamin Kinney has explained that this is due to the Switch's unique technology options. In particular, the motion controls available thanks to the Joy-Con were considered to be a perfect fit for the game, especially with the level of sensitivity that those controllers can offer.

The reason it’s a Switch exclusive is because it’s such powerful technology. We were at [the Switch’s] launch with [Super Bomberman R], but even then the devs and the teams were looking at what the Switch could do, watching what Nintendo was doing with motion controls and the way Joy-Cons work — there’s potential. For sure, that’s one of the reasons we chose the Switch. And even look into the sports that we have coming out — volleyball and stuff. You can see that the motions that are going to be involved are going to be more sensitive. … The devs are working on all those motions to make them as natural as possible … more of a natural motion.

It certainly seems like Konami is going for a different angle to the motion control-based sports games we're used to on Nintendo platforms. Wii Sports was a fantastic experience at the time, simply because the vague motions you performed in your front room were being somewhat replicated on the screen, but this technology has been steadily advancing, allowing for a greater deal of precision in movements and other features. Kinney talks about making the motions feel "as natural as possible", so perhaps we'll start to see much more refined experiences in the sports genre moving forward?

We don't have a confirmed release date for Hyper Sports R just yet, but will you be keeping an eye out for this one? Let us know if you're looking forward to the game in the comments below.