Rising Star Games has announced that its upcoming puzzle adventure game Red's Kingdom will land on Nintendo Switch later this month.

The game is a single-player adventure puzzle game designed for players of all ages. Mad King Mac has kidnapped your father and stolen your golden nut, leaving you with no choice but to solve puzzles and battle goons as you explore and battle your way through the game's charming kingdom.

You'll be discovering hidden treasure, collecting nuts, solving cunning environmental puzzles, and unlocking special powers which allow you to explore deeper into the game's cutesy world. Each new area promises to contain something brand new to discover.

Touch screen control support in handheld mode on Nintendo Switch
Colourful single-player adventure with clever puzzles to solve
A vast kingdom to explore, packed with secrets
Metroidvania-stylings: unlock special powers that allow deeper access into the realm
Battle goons, make new friends and defeat Mad King Mac!

Developed by Cobra Mobile and published digitally by Rising Star Games, Red’s Kingdom will be available directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop on 16th August for $9.99. Other region pricing to be confirmed

What are your early thoughts on this one? Feel free to share your impressions in the comments below.