During the Wii's illustrious time on the market, developer High Voltage was a studio known for bringing mature shooters to the console, filling a void left by Nintendo itself. With franchises like The Conduit series, and the eventually cancelled The Grinder - a dark shooter that was set to involve vampires and werewolves - under its belt, High Voltage caught the attention of Nintendo, landing a Wii U project deal that unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Shedding more light on the situation, DidYouKnowGaming? has uncovered some extra behind-the-scenes information surrounding the game, the studio involved, and ultimately why the game was cancelled. Nintendo reportedly called on High Voltage to create a family-friendly alternative in the shooter genre, pitching the idea of water guns (in a similar fashion to Splatoon) as an example. It was up to High Voltage to figure out the rest, and a group of roughly ten people were assigned to the project.

The idea born from this included robots that would be susceptible to blasts of water that could fry their circuits. Character designs took inspiration from Mega Man and the 2005 movie Robots, while one stage design featured many similarities to Super Mario Sunshine's Pinna Park - the theme park area.

It seems that water would have been a central mechanic throughout the entire game, with extra weapons also being designed that could use other liquids such as sewage and electrified water. The robots would have different shapes and sizes, multiplayer was being considered as an option - although the core game was the priority - and Nintendo seemed to be genuinely interested in the concepts put forth.

In 2011, a High Voltage employee leaked various information about the game's concept and the discussions going on between the studio and Nintendo to a singular press outlet. Nintendo asked High Voltage to find the leaker and ensure that there would be no further leaks, but - at the time, at least - High Voltage couldn't find the perpetrator. As a result, Nintendo felt it was unable to continue with the project, cancelling it after just a month in the works. 

DidYouKnowGaming? has now found the leaker in question, and has discovered that they released the information due to being unhappy with working conditions at High Voltage. If you're interested in the topic, feel free to check out the full video below.

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