Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest is one of those series’ that remains a known name for fans of RPGs, but it is still very much a niche franchise when viewed from a broader perspective. Though the games have historically sold incredible numbers in Japan, western audiences are a little more cool towards them, and this is likely due in no small part to the lengthy amounts of time that Square Enix takes in translating them.

Dragon Quest XI producer Yuu Miyake recently spoke on the issue in an interview with Game Informer, describing the company’s desire to speed things up. Here’s what was said:

It has a disadvantage in that way. It’s really the speed of localization; it takes a long time because of how the game is and the text by Mr. Horii is a very important part of the game and appeals to the fans. Obviously, we have to look at making that process shorter and more efficient. For the quality of the translation, the translators really have to understand the world itself and get it just right. We really do make sure to add the accents of the people in the world to make it work for each individual region.

Hopefully Square will get this sorted out in the next few years, so the series can continue building a fanbase in the West. Meanwhile, the wait for Dragon Quest XI—one of the first games ever announced for the Switch—continues to wear on…

What do you think? Which Dragon Quest is your favorite? Do you think the localization time-lag has significantly hurt the series’ hold in the West? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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