Ever since the almighty rocket launch event that took place in Fortnite a week ago, strange cracks and rifts have been appearing all over the map, seemingly changing and evolving with each day. This has evolved into specific locations being sucked out of the game through what appears to be some kind time vortex - and things are getting really weird.

One such location is the Durrr Burger mascot which can usually be found on top of a restaurant in Greasy Grove. As you can see in the clip below, the giant sign simply disappeared a couple of days ago, and no one knew exactly why or where it went.

As it turns out, the Durrr Burger seems to have wound up in a real-life desert. Yes, in our real-life world. Twitter user @selashiloni was "scouting shoot locations for an upcoming photoshoot" when he stumbled across a giant burger sitting in the middle of nowhere. Signs are scattered around the site mentioning an "anomaly", and there's even what appears to be a Fortnite police car.

So how did it get there? Well, it could be an enormous stunt pulled by some very dedicated fans, or it could be - and we hope this is the case - a next-level bit of marketing from Epic Games. Other locations such as the Tomato Man head at Tomato Town, the motel sign, and the Lonely Lodge sign have also been destroyed by the strange swirling vortex - perhaps we'll see these pop up in real-life places soon, too?

Do you think this is a genius marketing ploy? Or do you think fans have taken it upon themselves to add a humorous twist to the Season 5 tale? Let us know with a comment below.