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News recently emerged Nintendo had filed a lawsuit against two ROM and emulator websites owned by the same Arizona-based company. Now, in related but separate news, Nintendo has shut down a repository on the developer platform GitHub - which allowed users to access Game Boy Advance games through a JavaScript-based emulator.

Nintendo does not permit unsanctioned projects that are a clear copyright infringement and cited how the particular repository was in violation of the law and GitHub’s own Terms of Service. The DMCA notice was issued late last week, with GitHub removing the files soon after. The repository in question offered free access to a series of popular Game Boy Advance titles.

According to the source, Nintendo is currently considering legal action against the owner of the infringing GitHub repository. This is also reportedly one of many emulators hosted on the platform and it is not the first time Nintendo has targeted a repository before. 

Nintendo’s shut down request was around the same time as the lawsuit was filed against the two ROM websites.