The next Party Crash event has been announced for ARMS, this time pitting Min Min against Kid Cobra.

For those not in the know, Party Crash events are limited-time affairs that are played with special rules. By playing these matches you can increase your Lab Level, nabbing some juicy in-game currency and special badges along the way. 

These events have been regularly taking place since the end of last year, and the next one is all kicking off this weekend under a 'Serpents' theme - we've listed the times below.

  • PDT: Friday, 6th July [2am] – Monday, 9th July [2am] 
  • EDT: Friday, 6th July [5am] – Monday, 9th July [5am] 
  • BST: Friday, 6th July [10am] – Monday, 9th July [10am]
  • CEST: Friday, 6th July [11am] – Monday, 9th July [11am]

So, which team will you be on? Let us know in the comments below.