This weekend saw a one-time event take place in Fortnite, with players told to "look up to the sky" at a specific time to see a 'Blast Off'. As it turned out, the whole show was a pretty spectacular affair, but one player used the moment to his advantage by taking out almost half of the entire 100 players in one dastardly swoop.

As predicted by many eager Fortnite players, the 'blast off' turned out to be a rocket launch. What players didn't predict, however, were the events that took place shortly afterwards. As you can see below, the rocket launches into the sky before a missile comes crashing back down to the game's map. It appears that this missile was trying to take out the famous Titled Towers destination, but some kind of force field prevents the attack from taking place and all sorts of cracks and wormholes start to litter the sky as a result.

During the event, most players held a ceasefire to allow everyone to watch what was taking place - this was the only time you'd be able to see it, of course, and could well be setting up the game's incoming Season 5 - but not everyone took this approach. The video below shows the moment when one player managed to wipe out almost 50 players who were watching from a man-made structure, essentially preventing them from ever seeing the event first-hand.

This action shot Elemental_Ray to the top of the leaderboard for single match kills, hitting a ridiculously high score of 48, and he seems incredibly proud of his achievement, too, boasting about the success across his Twitter profile.

Was this an ingenious move, or a pretty cruel thing to do? Of course, there were no restrictions in place to prevent players from taking out others as normal, so technically this was a very smart move to secure a lot of points. We can't help but feel sorry for those innocent bystanders who just wanted to see the show, though.

Did you watch the event? Let us know what you think about this game-winning tactic in the comments below.