For those of you who have gracefully jumped on the Fortnite bandwagon - or ungracefully fallen off it by getting eliminated within about 10 seconds - you'll no doubt be aware of the game's season system. The game's developer Epic has now finally shared a start date and time for the upcoming fifth season, and we don't have long to wait.

Talking to fans on Reddit, Epic has revealed that Season 5 will begin on 12th July at 4am EDT (or 9am BST). We have no idea what content this new season will bring just yet, but the transition from Season 3 to 4 saw the demolition of a major part of the game's map, as well as an entirely new focus and theme for cosmetic upgrades.

Seasons play a crucial part of the game's Battle Royale structure, with its paid content - Battle Passes - being valid for the duration of one season. If you haven't yet bought yourself a Battle Pass, waiting until the start of this new season might be the best idea - this way, you'll be able to start working towards unlocking lots of juicy cosmetic items from day one, working your way up to the top tiers for rare content with plenty of time to do so.

In a nice touch, Epic will be running a +100% match XP weekend starting 29th June at 4am EDT (9am BST) and ending on 2nd July at 3am EDT (8am BST)helping those who are working towards rewards from their Season 4 Battle Pass to mop up those last few rewards.

Are you tempted to buy a Battle Pass for the upcoming season? Or will you stick to playing the game without spending a penny?