Circle Entertainment has revealed it will be publishing Incredible Mandy on the Nintendo Switch. The title is being developed by Dotoyou Games, who are previously known for working on Koi DX.  

Incredibly Mandy uses a theme of dreams to deliver stylised art design and a beautifully-crafted world of wonder. The story is about a girl named Mandy who must overcome her fears by searching for memories scattered throughout a dream. 

The protagonist will have to guide her brother following a tragic incident where he lost his right hand in an accident. His replacement hand has the ability to summon a symbol of power known as the Excalibur of Light. This can be used as a close combat weapon and serves multiple other purposes. 

Throughout the game, players will be required to tackle obstacles, solve puzzles, defeat a variety of enemies and bosses and collect forgotten memories across a number of settings. Of course, there'll also be an emotive soundtrack. 

Take a look at the early development footage above and tell us in the comments if you would be interested in playing 'Incredible Mandy' when it eventually arrives on the Switch.