Indie game developer Fabraz has announced that SpiritSphere DX - a game the studio is publishing on behalf of Eeendhoorn - is coming exclusively to the Switch next month.

One part tennis, and one part "magical beat down", SpiritSphere DX allows you to play solo or with friends by battling across fantastical realms, unleashing the power of Spirit Spheres. You can travel across the mystical kingdom as Lin in single player to rescue her sister Taya, or get 1-3 friends and play a few rounds of competitive sphere smashing.

The game comes with an impressive amount of modes including a squash mode, boss mode, ghost mode, and even a vertical "hand2hand mode" where players hold onto a Joy-Con each while they're still attached to the console. You can see this madness unfold in the trailer above.

- Competitive local multiplayer action
- Singleplayer campaign with randomized encounters and modes
- Squash mode: Play a round of competitive sphere squash
- Boss mode: More than two players but less than three? Play 2v1, where one player controls the boss
- Ghost mode: Not a strong player but want to contribute? Join as a ghost for shenanigans
- Target mode: Break the targets in this challenging mode
- Tate mode: Play the game vertically, each player holding one attached joy-con
- Multiple stages, characters and spheres to play and unlock
- Retro flavoured graphics and sound mimicking the games of yore
- Gameplay that is easy to pick up but hard to master
- Fast paced arcade style gameplay throughout!

The game is scheduled to launch on 2nd July, although pre-orders will go live on the Nintendo eShop from 25th June at a discounted price.

Do you like the look of this one? Let us know your impressions down below.