Update: It's official; Paladins has its very own page on the eShop. It will be bringing 60fps action along with cross-platform multiplayer when it hits Switch on June 12th - that's the same day as Nintendo's E3 show.

Original Story: The pre-E3 leaks just keep on coming. It's now a given that Fortnite is coming to Nintendo's console, but fellow free-to-play title Paladins has just been "confirmed" in the same way. Data relating to the title has been discovered on Nintendo's servers, which hints that it could drop sometime during E3.

Seen by many as a clone of the popular 'hero shooter' Overwatch, Paladins hit 17 million downloads on Steam late last year. Already available on PS4 and Xbox One, it should make a pretty interesting addition to the Switch library.


This isn't the first indication we've had that Paladins is headed to Switch; in May references to Joy-Con controls were discovered within the latest version of the game.

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