Konami has revealed that it is resurrecting its classic Hyper Sports series on the Nintendo Switch with Hyper Sports R. The first game hit arcades way back in 1984 and was the sequel to Track & Field. We dread to think how many controllers and joysticks have been ruined by this series over the years.

Here's some PR:

HYPER SPORTS R, is a new sports simulation title, to arrive on the Nintendo Switch™. Compete in a variety of individual and team sports, and train a team to take on rivals as you race for a spot at the top.

In HYPER SPORTS R, players can choose from a variety of 20+ characters to build up and compete. Become the best competitor in a variety of different sports, which include track and field, beach volleyball and swimming.

HYPER SPORTS R will also feature several fun modes, a few of which include:

• Quick Play: Play with up to four friends for a quick gameplay experience.
• Campaign: Single-player mode; Build and train a team by completing various competitions and character story lines.

Compete with up to four players using Joy-Con™ for classic control, or opt for a more intuitive gameplay using motion controls during Quick Play mode.

Additional details, including more sports, modes, storyline and launch timing will be announced soon.

Were you a fan of the original? Are you looking forward to this new release? Let us know with a comment.

[source japanesenintendo.com]