The free-to-play pocket monster RPG Pokémon Quest only launched on Switch at the very end of last month, but hackers have already found a way to manipulate the game's save files to net themselves as many items and PM Tickets as they like.

A member of the homebrew community has released a save reader and writer program which you can use to manually edit save files within the game. Among other things, this means that users can modify their profile's PM Ticket count (which are used to play levels in the game and would usually be obtained through purchase or time limitations) and maximise their items to a count of 999.

Of course, with Pokémon Quest being a free-to-play title that relies on microtransactions for income, a hack that bypasses any need to buy in-game items could prove to be very bad news indeed for Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. We recently saw Niantic deleting save data of Pokémon GO players who had been using illegal third party software, so could we see a similar fate here?

If you want tips on how to legitimately get your hands on PM Tickets and other in-game goodies, make sure to check out our handy guide. Have you been playing this pocket-sized adventure on your Switch?

[source nintendosoup.com]