Pokémon Quest is a free to start game, which means that at some point you're probably going to have to drop a bit of cash to get the most out of it. You can comfortably play for free, but your progress will be super duper slow unless you buy an expedition pack or three.

There is a way you can mitigate this though, and that's by hoarding PM Tickets. These stand for Poké Mart Tickets and you can spend these in – you guessed it! – the Poké Mart. Here you can buy decorations that increase your item drop rate, Pokémon catch rate, and the experience you gain from going on expeditions. There are also box expansions that let you collect more Pokémon and Power Stones.

Curiously, you can't directly purchase PM Tickets using your real life cash. Instead you have to earn them by playing, and in this guide we're going to tell you exactly how to do that.

How to get free PM Tickets in Pokémon Quest

Get your free Member PM Tickets once per day

The easiest way to get yourself a bunch of free PM Tickets is to collect the batch you get for free from the Poké Mart once per day. You only need visit the Poké Mart, tap on the big PM Ticket sign, and the PM Tickets are yours.

By default, you get 50 free PM Tickets per day, but you can increase this by purchasing DLC from the Nintendo eShop. The maximum number of free PM Tickets you can currently get per day as part of your membership is 190, and that requires grabbing the Expedition 3-Pack Bundle for £26.99 / $29.99.

Complete quests

You get an absolute ton of PM Tickets just for completing quests, as well as ingredients you can use for cooking to attract new Pokémon. You'll complete a bunch of quests just by playing the game regularly, but it doesn't hurt to take a quick glance to see if you're close to beating any others. That way you can prioritise certain activities to beat them quicker.

There are two different types of quests: Main and Challenge. Main are the more straightforward of the two, pretty much requiring you to perform activities for the first time or complete a level. Challenge quests are basically collector challenges, requiring you to collect or encounter a bunch of Pokémon of a certain type, collect and use moves, and cook various recipes. Basically everything you can collect, you can complete a quest for it here.

What to spend your PM Tickets on in Pokémon Quest


If you plan to play primarily for free, we'd recommend you prioritise getting decorations in as soon as possible. These will help speed up pretty much everything in Pokémon Quest, from levelling up Pokémon to catching them by cooking.

Ignore the bottom row for now though. You get all of them as part of the 3-Pack Expedition Bundle, and you might decide you want that at a later date. The decorations at the top of the list you can only get using PM Tickets, so grab a few of them. It doesn't really matter where you start though, as you'll want them all eventually. Prioritise stuff that matters to you.

Collection boxes

Initially, you can only collect 20 Pokémon and Power Stones, which isn't very much at all. If you plan to play for free though, it will suffice for the first few days at least, so focus on getting a few decorations in instead.

However, if you are a paying customer, then upgrading your collection boxes should be your first priority. You get a ton of decorations depending on which Expedition Pack you go for, so you'll be well covered there for now. 

Pokémon collection box expansions should be your first priority, seeing as you'll start to collect a lot more Pokémon when you have two or more cooking pots. Besides, you can use your Power Moves across all of your Pokémon, so if you don't mind swapping them out each time you edit your team, you can get away with only having 20.