A former employee of Epic Games is reportedly being sued by the company for leaking details surrounding Fortnite's fourth season, sharing information on its themes and plot points before its official release.

As the game's third season was coming to a close, excitement began to rise amongst players who had noticed meteors falling from the sky in-game. The meteors turned out to be a tease from Epic, subtly hinting towards the destruction of Dusty Depot and the superhero themes which would become available for characters. Days before the season officially started, however, these details were leaked online by a man named Adam DiMarco, and Epic is claiming that he received this information through one of its own employees.

According to the suit (thanks IGN), Epic says that ex-quality assurance tester Thomas Hannah is guilty of breaching a non-disclosure agreement, claiming that he had access to confidential information through private meetings regarding upcoming seasons which was ultimately shared with DiMarco. The information is said to have been shared three weeks after Hannah's last day with the company.

Hannah has filed a defence to this suit, acknowledging the breaking of an agreement despite also stating he had no control over DiMarco's eventual actions. It states that DiMarco made deductions based on Hannah’s vague responses, rather than Hannah outwardly presenting complete information.

As always, legal cases such as this can take a very long time to reach any conclusion so we're unlikely to hear any outcomes for a while. In the meantime, with Fortnite's fifth season now just around the corner, let's hope no-one else gets themselves into trouble. If you're interested, you can read through Epic's suit here, as well as the full defence.