Yesterday was supposed to see the release of Galak-Z Variant S on Switch - a space-shooting action-RPG full of dangerous combat and laser swords - but the game never appeared on the eShop. There was no reason to believe that the game wouldn't arrive as expected, so what exactly happened? And is it still coming to Switch in the future?

While we don't have the answers to that first question, we can assure you that the game is indeed still headed to Switch (if the article's title hadn't already given that away). After being asked about the shock delay on Twitter, the game's official account @galakzmobile gave a reassuring confirmation that the game is still on its way.

It's still very much unclear why the delay has happened in the first place, and this second tweet suggests that things may well be out of the developer's control. We'll have to wait for the promised announcement to know more.

Hopefully we'll hear more soon!