With the recent release of five Super Famicom Great Battle games still fresh in our minds, Aeon Genesis and his group are back again with a complete English translation patch for one of the most iconic games in the whole Super Robot Wars saga: Super Robot Wars Gaiden: - Masōkishin – The Lord Of Elemental. However, according to the patch notes this was far from an easy project to pull off:

This project's history is long and fraught with trouble. The initial script translation turned out to be wrong more often than it was accurate; it was eventually decided that the entire script would need to be retranslated.

Work on the script essentially re-started from scratch in late 2013 after TheMajinZenki graciously offered to double check the older version of the translation. Though a variety of factors (lack of resources, split attention, and the like) contributed to a less-than-optimal velocity, the script was considered to be fully re-translated in April of 2017.

Work on the technical pieces resumed at this time; additionally, at this point we passed it off to Caitlin, who worked closely with Zenki as an editor, to produce the script as it currently stands. She finished in
October. Play testing began in February and completed in mid May.

This Winkysoft developed 1996 late generation release was the first game in the series where Banpresto used its own original characters and original, non-SD mecha ('Elementals' in this game) designs. It was also the first to use an isometric view not too dissimilar to Front Mission replacing the traditional overhead view.

The game is actually split into two separate timelines, with the first being a prequel to all the entire saga while the second part picks up after the events from the 4th Super Robot Taisen title, also on the Super Famicom. This game was later re-released on the Nintendo DS and Sony's PlayStation Portable. Neither ever got the chance at Western localisation, leaving fans of the series outside Japan guessing the plot.

You can grab the translation patch from AGTP website and if you have clone hardware that supports IPS soft patching you can use it along with your original Super Famicom import cartridge. Any fans of the Super Robot Wars series out there in the NL community? Were you a 'Lord of Elemental' back in the day? Deploy those replies below.

[source agtp.romhack.net]