Nintendo Labo has been providing us with all sorts of greatness, with players all around the world sharing their greatest creations and discoveries online for the world to see. This little find is a little different, however, and might make you view your Toy-Con house a little differently as you go to bed each night.

Shared by YouTube user Skrubly, this video below shows some creepy goings-on inside the cardboard home. By sending your beloved little creature to sleep and turning off the light, before removing all cardboard levers and simply waiting for a moment, you'll start to notice a whole host of spooky monsters appearing from drawers, and ghost-like rattling in the furniture. Is this the creature's nightmare? Or is it really happening to the poor thing?

The final moments, which see a playing card figure attempt to murder the creature before it thankfully wakes up, gave us a particular chill. Hopefully the young target audience of Labo see the cute side of all this - let's hope they've seen Monsters Inc.!

Have you made any interesting Labo discoveries? Are you having fun with everything it has to offer? Let us know how you've been getting on below.