Image: Lylat Wiki

The week got off with a bang yesterday with a rumour that Retro Studios is working on a Star Fox title with a racing focus.

While we obviously don't have official confirmation that this is a thing as yet, it has led some fans to dig deep into the franchise to find any connection with the idea of Fox McCloud and chums racing one another for kicks - and, as any self-respecting Nintendo DS fan will know, that's one of the possible endings in Star Fox Command:

The "Curse of Pigma" ending sees Fox down in the dumps after the loss of Krystal, and Falco comes up with the idea of using Arwings for racing, allowing Fox to get his mojo back.

At the time of release, it was assumed that "The Anglar Emperor" ending was canon, but if this rumour to true, it could (depending on how you look at it) make the "Curse of Pigma" ending canon instead. 

Lest we forget that Star Fox Command is technically the last game in the series chronologically (Star Fox Zero is considered to be a reboot of Star Fox 64), so we don't actually know which ending is the real one.

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