Kirby Star Allies

About a week ago, Nintendo of Japan teased the first character that’s due for inclusion in the upcoming Kirby Star Allies update, which will be adding in a handful of new playable Dream Friends to run through Guest Star Mode with. The first character was revealed to be Daroach, of Kirby Squeak Squad fame, although it felt a bit misdirecting when an animation revealed how the teaser silhouette fit to the character.

Now, the company has begun teasing the second character, showing off a silhouette that looks distinctly jagged. It’s likely that the company will reveal who’s behind this silhouette in a matter of days, but fans are already speculating on who it could be. For our money, this one looks like it could be Adeline from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, but it’s really anybody’s guess.

What do you think? Which character will be revealed next? Who would you like to see added as a Dream Friend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.