The fourth serving of Johnny Turbo Data East classics will be released today in North America (next week in Europe) and it's strangely related with President Ronnie's favourite take-out food. Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Super Burger Time was the first proper sequel to the classic 1982 original, and along with a welcome graphical update and diverse culinary weaponry it sports a lovely two-player co-op mode. This platforming classic sees Peter Pepper Jr. along with his twin brother/colour-swap attempting to make the best possible burgers by trapping as many extra ingredients/enemies between some falling buns. Check out the trailer below.

Preparing these retro-burgers will set you back the usual $7.99 in the US eShop later today. Any memories of this Data East classic among our lovely NL readers? Did you play this one as a kid and are now a world-renowned chef? Tell us everything!