Many of us are familiar with the half beautiful, half corporate-looking appearance of Nintendo's Japanese headquarters from the outside; this huge, white, cube-like building has likely been the subject of thousands of online searches and probably the first place many of us tried when opening up Google Earth for the first time. What we don't often get to see, however, is the inside.

The latest episode of Nintendo Minute, a weekly show on Nintendo of America's official YouTube channel hosted by the very loveable Kit and Krysta, gave us a rare glimpse inside Heaven itself. Naturally, you won't get to watch Miyamoto making his morning coffee, but you do get to see both the official headquarters and Nintendo's Development Centre - the home of all the games we've come to know and love.

For us Westerners, just getting close enough to the building for a cheeky selfie is often pretty high on our bucket lists (this writer included), so having this little glimpse inside is very welcome indeed.

Have you ever been to Nintendo HQ? Do you have any stories to share? Let us know down below.

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