In an uncomfortable - but not entirely unsurprising - move, Nintendo has introduced loot boxes to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The new update patches in a set of gacha-style Fortune Cookies, which offer a randomised set of clothing, props and furniture for your virtual community. There are also a set of premium Fortune Cookies which offer a chance of even better items for a higher price.

Problem is, these loot boxes don't just unlock them item, but provide stamps you'll need to use to eventually purchase it. Which means you'll essentially need to sink a large sum of money into Pocket Camp to be within a chance of getting the new gear you really want.


Pocket Cap has had microtransactions for a while now, but only as a means of speeding up normal gameplay - a system that's managed to keep the game feeling fair and rewarding to players who just want to unlock new cosmetic items through natural play. With these new 'loot boxes' that balance has gone out the window, a fact made all the worse when you notice Nintendo has also added some even more expensive microtransactions (£75 for 2500 Leaf Tickets, anyone?).

So what do you make of these new additions to Pocket Camp? Will it affect how you see and play the game? We want to hear from you, fellow campers...