Late last year we reported that work had begun on a live-action movie for Detective Pikachu, which is due to come to the silver screen on 10th May, 2019. Brought to us by Rob Letterman, the director behind 2010's Gulliver's Travels starring Jack Black... who knows how this is going to turn out. However, with talented actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Kathryn Newton attached to the project, this could potentially be pretty good.

A Japanese website called Front Row has revealed some photos which appear to be from a shoot for one of the scenes in London. There are extras dressed in Pikachu and Snorlax outfits as well as green-screen suits... so we're not entirely sure where they are going with this.

In the photos, we get a first look at actress Kathryn Newton in a rather fetching red blazer. She's playing Lucy, a sassy journalist from the CNM network. We also see Ken Watanabe in his Detective Yoshida outfit, while Love Actually's Bill Nighy looks on in wonder/bewilderment... we have no idea who he's playing in the movie yet.

Well, no one can say that this live-action movie isn't going to turn out to be quite colourful. Let us know if you spotted anything interesting in these photos with a comment below...