If you're like us, there's always that constant hope your time with Pokémon GO will lead to a super rare Shiny Pokémon. With their unusual colour schemes and patterns, these little critters are highly collectible and are number one on any seasoned trainer's radar. But could the even rarer Ultra Shiny be ready to join the Poké fray in the near future? A recent trademark suggests it might be.

Spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter user @Pokexperto, the Japanese trademark was submitted by Game Freak and Creatures - a phrase that just happens to roughly translate into 'Ultra Shiny'. Of course, there's no official statement to go along with this, and could well be Game Freak simply covering bases by acquiring the trademark as a fail safe, but considering the continued popularity of the hit mobile game, expanding into Ultra Shinies does seem a logical next step. It could even be something to do with the purportedly eight-gen-centered Switch Pokemon game?

What do you think? Are Ultra Shinies going to appear in Pokémon GO, Pokémon on Switch or something completely different?