The upcoming Pokémon game(s) for Nintendo Switch are still likely quite some time away from release just yet, and whether or not we'll see any official reveals for the game during E3, or a Pokémon Direct around the time of the event, is still unknown. This information from Official Nintendo Magazine appears to confirm at least some nuggets of information, however.

Posted online by Twitter user @raqueruu, these images show segments from the Spanish edition of the magazine. The small section talking about Pokémon for Switch indicates that we will see the eighth generation of the series, and that The Pokémon Company are rethinking the saga to surprise fans with new mechanics. It also mentions that the games will arrive in 2018 or later, although we already knew that.

If true, an 'eighth generation' would suggest a new region to explore and new monsters to catch, continuing the trend already set out by the series' core games. The "new mechanics" reference is also interesting, as this could hint at a completely new format for the games (open world, anyone?). By the same token, though, it could also be something as simple as a new mode along the lines of Pokémon-Amie (where players could develop bonds with the Pokémon through petting and feeding them).

While this information comes from an 'official' source, this magazine has made some errors regarding future Pokémon releases in the past. We therefore recommend taking this information with just a small pinch of salt until any announcements come from either Nintendo or The Pokémon Company themselves.

What do you think about this potential news? What would you like from a next generation of Pokémon? Feel free to get the discussion going in the comments below.

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