We're less than two months away from what was once a mere pipe dream - Dark Souls on a portable machine - and thanks to a preview on Fandom (which has subsequently been removed), the new and improved Dark Souls: Remastered will feature a handful of subtle yet welcome changes to one of the most beloved action-RPGs of all time.

According to the post, one of the areas of the game that suffered notorious frame rate issues in previous versions - the grimly-named Blighttown - has now been carefully massaged to improve performance. The game will be running at 1080p and 60fps on PS4 and Xbox One, and 1080p/720p in Switch's docked/handheld mode. The Switch version will also be, according to reports, locked at 30fps. In other subtle changes, multiple Hard Souls can now be used at once (saving you from sitting through the same animation multiple times), while jumping has been mapped to the left analog stick. This is the case for the PS4/Xbox One versions, so such a configuration could differ on Switch.

Dark Souls: Remastered arrives on Nintendo Switch on 25th May.

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