Super Mario Odyssey Costumes

One of the most charming features of Super Mario Odyssey was the ability to change Mario’s appearance in dozens of different ways, giving player’s ample control over how to style the famed plumber. Whether it be neat throwbacks like the Super Mario 64 outfit or rather strange ones like Peach’s wedding dress, fans have loved the diversity on offer and Nintendo has pledged to continue expanding the wardrobe through occasional free DLC updates.

The latest of these updates has gone live, bringing with it two new costumes: Satellaview and Baseball. The baseball one is rather self-explanatory, but the Satellaview one is an interesting reference to Nintendo history. The Satellaview was an add-on to the Super Famicom in Japan which brought basic online capabilities to the system, allowing users to download games, magazines, and even an early precursor to DLC. Both costumes are available for purchase in the store, so get grinding on those coins.

What do you think? What other costumes would you like to see in the future? What’s your favorite costume so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.