Nintendo was kinda asking for it, really. When you make a product out of cardboard, it's insultingly easy for unscrupulous companies to jump on the bandwagon and copy the idea - after all, cardboard is pretty easy to mass-produce.

Say hello to "Arcade Bracket", which is basically a cardboard stand for the Switch which masquerades as part of the Labo range. The packaging is similar, the logo is similar, the design is similar and the store page here lists it as "Nintendo Switch Labo". Heck, they've even used the same music for the accompanying promotional video:

Outside of being made of cardboard and ripping off Nintendo's branding, the scope of this product is painfully limited - you basically make the stand and that's it. There's nothing on show which replicates the incredible potential of the Toy-Con - it really is just a lazy rip-off riding on the wave of hype for Labo itself.

There's a genuine chance that this product could be mistaken for the real deal - let's hope you don't get bought this as a gift later in the year...

The real Nintendo Labo launches on April 20th.

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