Update: Well, that didn't take long. 

Despite apparently having the permission of Nintendo to run this campaign, the team behind it has now cancelled the Kickstarter. 

Does this mean legal pressure was applied, or are they simply re-grouping with a different approach? If we hear anything, we'll update this story again.

Screenshot at Mar 29 10-58-02.png

Original Story: Just when you thought you had seen it all on Kickstarter, here comes a project, "allowed by Nintendo of America," which, if successful, could see the release of a recreation of ageing screenshots from a prototype of Super Mario World.

Of course, every game goes through a cycle of change during development. Some good ideas get thrown out because there just isn't enough time to realise them. Other ideas get thrown out, because well... they were just bad ideas!

The people behind this Kickstarter are simply known as 'The Team' and are based in Italy. You may think that it's amazing that they have been given permission to develop this project and bring it to Kickstarter. Could we see this ambitious project arrive on Nintendo Switch Virtual Console one day?

Rather than us labelling them as deluded, we'll let you lovely readers share your thoughts on this Kickstarter with a comment below.

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