We're all for wonderful, whacky, homemade brilliance here at Nintendo Life, and this little oddity falls perfectly into that category.

Introducing the best homemade pinball machine for Nintendo Switch using pretty much only an Amazon Prime cardboard box we've ever seen:

Perfect for games such as Pinball FX3 or Stern Pinball Arcade, this setup uses a TV laid down flat on a table, with a cardboard box acting as a pinball cabinet's case. A cheap third party controller is placed inside the box with various plastic buttons (that are attached to the outer frame of the box) hooked up to it to trigger its inputs.

Apparently the entire setup (not including the Switch and TV, of course) cost the creator Stemage only $26. We salute you on your fine work, sir! 

Are you inspired to craft your own cardboard masterpiece at home? Do you think this is what Nintendo Labo should really be all about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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