A few weeks ago, Indie developer and publisher tinyBuild unveiled six games that it has in production for the Switch, following on from the successes of Phantom Trigger and Mr. Shifty last year. One of the titles revealed was that of Clustertruck, an odd first-person platformer wherein you must survive by deftly jumping between crashing trucks hurtling down a freeway. Evidently, it won’t be too much longer before we get to give it a go, as tinyBuild just announced the game went gold.

As of right now, it just needs to make it through Nintendo’s testing and then a release date will be decided. To get fans of the studio excited, a video—which you can find above—was recently posted showing one of the developers playing on the Switch, and having a rather amusingly rough time of beating the levels.

We’ll be sure to give this one a review whenever it goes live on the eShop, but what do you think of the footage? Will you be picking this up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.