Zelda 'Green Goddess' Ladies Satin Robe

Our chums over at Merchoid have surpassed themselves this time with the creation of the Zelda 'Green Goddess' ladies satin robe, which we are assured will make the wearer feel like true Hylian royalty. 

The robe features an oversized elf hood, flowing short sleeves and rests just above the knee when worn. It has a wrap-around design which is secured with a belt around the waist and two large front pockets highlighted with gold beading.

On the chest is a golden glitter print of the Legend of Zelda logo with gold piping edging the design features. On the edge of sleeves and bottom of the gown is ribbon featuring a medieval style Celtic knot design with a large Hylian crest cut out design outlined in gold on the reverse.

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Of course, UK readers of a certain age will know there is only one Green Goddess, and that's the late '80s fitness guru Diana Moran!

But we digress. Hop over to Merchoid's product page for more details. This lovely robe can be pre-ordered today for £32.99 and ships in July.

[source merchoid.com]