With Detective Pikachu - complete with a new voice, no less - set to arrive on Nintendo 3DS in March, production has already begun on a certain film version starring none other than Ryan Reynolds as the titular Poké sleuth. Shooting started a couple of weeks ago in London and one Twitter user (@howardbud) just happened to stumble across some set props while roaming the Big Smoke.

The leaked photos confirm the film's Ryme City setting (with a badge that shows humans and Pokemon working together), some rules for those visiting the 'Police Plaza' ('No skateboarding!'), some covered up cars (we hope Pikachu gets to drive one) and a notice board with some missing posters and some recruitment flyers. It's pretty cool to see the attention to detail, but we'll all have to wait until 10th May 2019 to see if it comes together for this oddball Hollywood crossover.

Do you think the Detective Pikachu film will be any good? Or just another bad game-related cash in? Sound off in the comments below...