Getting worked up?

Nintendo France's Managing Director Philippe Lavoué has taken part in an extensive interview with Les Numériques regarding topics such as the console's performance in that region and the degree of third-party support for the machine.

On the latter topic, Lavoué reveals that third-party games accounted for 26 percent of total Switch software sales in France during 2017, with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle performing best with 150,000 copies sold. 

In comparison, FIFA 18 sold 73,000 physical copies in France but Lavoué insists that it was simply a "test case" for the publisher and that we should expect "more announcements on the Switch" in the future. Lavoué says that EA is expected to "double down" this year thanks to the 2018 World Cup, and the Switch's portability will be instrumental in pushing the FIFA brand.

While many of us will have been anticipating at least one more FIFA on Switch - if not a yearly release for the lifespan of the console - it will be interesting to see which other titles the publisher plans to bring to the machine. The robust sales of Switch won't have been lost on EA, nor will the fact that some of its rivals are profiting handsomely for supporting Nintendo's machine early. 

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