Dom Reseigh-Lincoln
Image: Nintendo Life / Dom Reseigh-Lincoln

Like a Christmas Doctor Who regeneration, exiting editor Tom Whitehead will vanish on New Year's Eve in a blinding flash of golden light, only to be replaced by a brand new face. Well, another bearded face with glasses, that is.

Hey everyone, my name’s Dom and I’m the new guy in the editor’s chair at Nintendo Life. I’ve been writing professionally in the industry for over six years now, and I’ve loved Nintendo for so long I feel woefully ancient every time I acknowledge I’ve been playing its consoles for a quarter of a century.

Like many of you, Nintendo and its games have always been there in the biggest milestones of my life. Playing a SNES for the first time when I was six and realising I was absolutely going to lose my life to this thing (and get really fat while I was at it). Making friends for life at secondary school with glorious late night Goldeneye sessions full of slaps and proximity mines. Playing Mario Kart: Double Dash at uni and having the best time.

Basically, Nintendo is as much a part of me as it is of you. It’s why I got into games journalism in the first place so it only seems fitting that I should earn my first tenure as editor of the most exciting Nintendo website in the industry. Of course, stepping into Tom’s shoes is going to be quite the daunting task. He’s an immense talent and he’s helped lead the site and its community into the fine form you see today. I’ve got my work cut out for me, that’s for sure, but I still couldn’t be more excited to start.

So what kind of experience am I bringing with me? I spent over two years working on Official PlayStation Magazine (yes, I know, boo Sony) before heading out into the wilds and wastelands of the freelance world. During my time as a 'lancer I've written extensively for almost every outlet there, ranging from Official Xbox Magazine and GamesTM to GamesRadar and Eurogamer. So I'm bringing a wealth of experience with me to a site that's already overflowing with personality and energy.

Proof that I've been playing games since I was tiny. And yes, my hair really was that bad when I was five.
Proof that I've been playing games since I was tiny. And yes, my hair really was that bad when I was five. (Image: Nintendo Life / Dom Reseigh-Lincoln)

Thing is, there’s never been a better time to be part of this community. Switch is going from strength to strength, 3DS continues to hold its own and the mobile market is slowly being assimilated into the Nintendo collective. Switch itself is only going to get bigger, so I can’t wait to lead Nintendo Life into its next chapter. You might have seen my name pop up here and there on the site already (yes, I’m the guy that gave WWE 2K18 a 3/10), but I’m already energised by the talent and enthusiasm of the team I’m joining and by the sheer open-minded passion of our audience.

Here at Nintendo Life we know our strongest asset is you; the readers who return to our humble site everyday to enjoy our articles, watch our videos and join in the discussion in our comment sections. In an industry constantly plagued by toxicity, our community continues to be one of inclusion rather than tribalism. So that’s why I want to hear from you on how we can improve Nintendo Life in 2018.

Are there things we do that you love and want to see more of? Are there articles we run that just don’t do it for you? Are there new things and ways of enjoying the site you’d like to see in the year to come? There are so many potential ways to bring our community closer together. Live streams; let’s plays; podcasts; a Discord channel; your feedback matters. There really has never been a more exciting time to be working at Nintendo Life, and as your new editor I can’t wait to join you, and the rest of the crew, as we follow Nintendo Switch into 2018 and beyond.

Now go have an awesome holiday season and I'll see you all on the good ship Nintendo Life in a few short weeks.

You can find Dom on Twitter @furianreseigh and on Instagram @furianresigh.