Above is a teaser trailer from last year for Tobu Tobu Girl by Tangram Games, a game in which you try to continually go higher by bouncing off enemies and flapping your arms. It's pretty darn charming, and it's out now.

Yep, it's a freshly released Game Boy title, which can be downloaded for free via its official website. As it's actual Game Boy code you'll need "to either flash the game to a Game Boy flash cart or use a Game Boy emulator". There's even a physical retail edition at 35 euros, but it's limited to just 75 copies in the first run with more to come later.

Tobu Tobu Girl will release as a limited edition Game Boy cartridge. The package comes with a full-color Japanese style cardboard box and a full-color 12 page manual. The first batch will be limited to 75 copies with a second batch to follow soon after.

Tobu Tobu Girl.jpg

It's always fun to see enthusiast developers keep retro hardware and their distinctive games alive. If you have the kit to run this game it could be a fun little diversion - let us know if you're planning to try it out.

[source tangramgames.dk, via tinycartridge.com]