Radial Games has announced a partnership with the excellently-named Dinosaur Polo Club to bring their strategy-simulation title Mini Metro to the Switch.

The game sees you creating subway layouts, drawing routes to connect the various stations in an ever-growing city. As time passes you'll have more stations and commuters to deal with in what eventually becomes a fast-paced challenge where you aim to keep up with demands. Eventually you'll run out of steam and everything will come to a halt - the task at hand is to keep things running for as long as you can manage before this happens.

It has a very minimalist aesthetic - something that publisher Radial Games praised in their announcement before going on to talk about how it will perform specifically on Switch.

The game looks as gorgeous on your TV as it does when cradled between the Joy-Con, and you’ll find it even more awesome to play. We’ve been having a great time making the game the best it can be on the platform, and we’re excited that this secret is finally out!

Mini Metro is set for release in early 2018. Maybe this is the perfect game for any commuters out there who have a thing or two to say about their subways at home!