Update: It's real! But only for the US at present. Boo.

Original story: Yesterday saw the arrival of an odd rumour that Nintendo is producing a Super Mario themed cereal in partnership with Kellogg’s, with each box containing an NFC chip that has amiibo functionality. Though the evidence for it was a little shaky, it was an idea that would certainly make sense given Nintendo’s interest in giving its brands more exposure beyond video games. Now, more evidence has mounted pointing towards the cereal’s existence.

BrickSeek is a site which can be used to track the digital inventories of certain retailers, one of which is Target. Interestingly enough, a listing for the Super Mario Cereal has popped up in Target’s inventory, though it still can’t be viewed on the company’s site itself. If it’s legitimate, then that would mean that the cereal should be popping up on store shelves relatively soon, though do bear in mind that nothing is confirmed yet.

What do you think? Is this all for real? Do you think the cereal would be any good? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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