In the late '80s and early '90s Nintendo had an iron grip on gaming culture, and merchandised the heck out of it - that was especially the case in North America. There were lunchboxes, official magazines, loads of console accessories and, of course, cereal.

Those days have been gone for a long time, to varying degrees, though Nintendo is in the midst of a big push to regain its foothold in popular culture. There's buzz around the Switch, theme park attractions are being built, and there may even be a movie; now, it seems, the company is heading back into the cereal game.

According to (nice one) Kellogg's is getting ready to release 'Super Mario Cereal', a berry mix with marshmallows. Though it's apparently not the final box art, it seems to suggest that the box (or at least one version of it) would have a small NFC chip in order for it to function as an amiibo.

Super Mario Cereal.jpg
Image: Cerealously

One of the Cerealously readers has apparently had this confirmed by Kellogg's, though we can only take their word for it until confirmation comes along.

We'll see whether this is real or not very soon, we suspect. Would you start your day with Super Mario Cereal?